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Awesome IT Products for you

Awesome IT Products for you

06 Oktober, 2019
- We are Eideas Technologies, The Company was established in year 2014. We offers a variety of service within the software development cycle that is customizable and catered to your needs. We specialize in the bespoke design and development of
 Inventory management solutions
 Web base ERP solution
 Business management solutions
 Point-of-sale POS Systems
 Time management solutions
 Job tracking software
These software are Developed by experts for our own. You can acquire our company and get benefits out of it. To develop these products we have spent around 3 years. It will save your money and time.
Whoever buy our solutions, they can settle monthly. We will provide suitable plans for you.
If you need any more details about our products and financials please contact us.

Office: 011 454 5638,

Mobile: 076 531 9246
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